TheCluster is a friendly community for individuals, creatives, and developers who get around together to interact, spread positivity and share experiences.

About us

TheCluster is a wholesome community. We have Unique Color Roles, Custom Roles, and Custom bots on our discord server. Our mission is to support everyone, spread positivity, and be the best community out there. Our community is Safe for Everyone, We Value everyone's opinions, Discord TOS And Guidelines.

TheCluster is also a community to help freelancers gain experience in the realm of freelancing. Our enthusiastic and skilled designer artists and developers work through freelance distribution. We do our work based on a commission policy. Do you want to hire our talented freelancers or want to get hired? The services are mentioned below for the customers and the freelancers can email us or contact our team on discord.

TheCluster deeply believes in giving back to the community through philanthropy, a large part of our earnings go into social work and charities.

Our services

Social Media Management

We can handle your social media pages like Instagram theme pages, Social media influencer pages, etc. We have earlier managed Clothing brand pages, and we have also supervised their sales and marketing work. Contact us via email to know more about this.

Web development

Our team can make a website based on your company or blogs. We can make every website possible, and we are professionals. As of now, we are only making websites for Business and Blog People. Contact our team if they can make a Custom Website. Contact us Via Email or discord.

GFX / Graphic designgs

Our talented freelancers can make banners, covers, and anime-styled. Any style, like a dark, monochrome style, a cutesy style, etc. Email us to know more about Graphic designs.

Custom Discord Servers / Bots

We can design discord servers for new upcoming communities of any kind, and everything will be custom. We have experience of 4 years in discord. We can create custom bots, Basic Commands for the lowest Plan. Our team with full of skilled verified developers. Contact us Via Email

Video editing

Our experienced freelancers can edit all kinds of videos. It can be youtube, Instagram, or twitch videos or montage videos. Our team has edited many videos for many famous Youtubers and content creators all over the world on many social media platforms. Contact us via email to know more about this.​

Advertising Services

We advertise our customers' discord servers and their products if they run a business. We have a lot of experience in dropshipping and advertising. We can work on the SEO part and advertise it on websites, Instagram theme pages, etc. Contact us via email to know more about this.

Our Team


Hey, I’m Mr.Khan! I am the Founder of TheCluster. I aim to make a discord server where people can make friends and hang out with their friends and spread positivity. I enjoy designing, testing, and experimenting with new bots. I make websites as well for people who want to start their business. I love helping people and donating to charity trusts. To know more about Mr.Khan, click here



Hey I’m oreo! I am the Co-Owner of this server. I may not be that visible in chats but i promise i work behind the scenes. My colleagues and I try to make this server a better place to chat and make friends. My key goal is to help people and help servers in development. I love gaming, listening to music.



Hey, I’m Ginger!
I am the manager of the server. I manage all the internal and external affairs regarding the server. I also manage all the staff inquiries and try to create positive relations with all the members. I am determined to do my job and work for this server. If you need any guidance, please dm me.

Get in touch with us

    About us

    TheCluster is a community made for everyone around the world to get together and talk, chat, and have fun. Custom Made Bots for moderating and fun commands. We have OTD channels, music bots, meme channels, Weekly nitro events, and lots more on our discord server.